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Safe-T-Air Inc. is a industrial equipment manufactures representative with 20 years of experience. We can design, supply and install a system to solve your air pollution problems.


  • Alsident www.alsident.com fume extractor arms 2 3 & 4 diameter for labs, schools and hospitals and but
  • Monoxivent www.dsp-monoxivent.com fume extraction at source equipment for welding shops, wood working shops electronic repair shops, food, pharmaceutical plants and vehicle exhaust ventilation systems over head and under ground for automotive garages.
  • AES Air Curtains www.aircurtain.ca energy saving invisible curtains that will save energy maintain improve comfort, eliminate dust and flying insects.
  • Dantherm www.danthermfiltration.com dust collectors for wood working shops metal fabrication shops and plants with cartridge filters, bags filters, water filtering and oil mist collection.
  • Hansentek www.hansentek.com spark detection and extinguishing system for dust collecting systems.
  • Quatro www.worldentgroup.com portable air cleaners of media, carbon, and electrostatic for plants, hospitals, auto body shops, bowling allies, restraints, bars and lounges. (service contracts available)
  • Dustcontrol www.dustcontrol.ca industrial vacuum system stationary and portable for all capture at source on power tools, welding equipment, plant machinery and general cleaning.
  • Sopers www.sopers.ca Welding curtains & sound partitions for welding areas or strip curtains for area separation & sound attenuation.
  • Nordfab www.nordfab.com Quick-Fit Duct galvanized or stainless steel rolled duct with a single welded seam and rolled ends to accommodate Quick Fit clamps c/w accessories.
  • Delhi www.delhi-industries.com fans for roof exhauster, wall exhauster, tube axial duct fans, volume and pressure blowers.
  • Woodhead www.woodhead.ca tool balancers and cable reels.
  • Duct Accessories cast Aluminum or Stainless Steel blast gates, ball joints, angle rings stamped elbows and saddle taps.

We also carry accessories to compliment our main lines such as flex hoses, hose reels, air filters etc. We trust you will find the above information useful. For additional information phone toll free (877) 692-0811 or (613) 692-2070 fax (613) 692-6386

Cordially Yours

Allan Wright
E mail: awright@safe-t-air.com

We also carry accessories to compliment our main lines. We trust you will find the above information useful and if you require more information please contact one of the numbers above or email us.

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